Puppy panics when he’s dangerously trapped under a truck

Discovering his dog trapped under his truck and unable to free him, a man called for help. The frightened animal was not easily approached and had to be muzzled during the rescue operation, which required dismantling parts of the chassis.

A dog trapped under his master’s vehicle was rescued by police and firefighters, as reported by The Kansas City Star on April 14.

The incident took place on Sunday April 11. That morning, Roger Grimes , who lives in Lufkin , Texas, was looking for his dog Booger . The 2-year-old German Shepherd was nowhere to be found after a storm hit the area. The canine got scared and hid somewhere.

He quickly found it when he saw its tail hanging under his truck. Booger had taken refuge under the chassis of the vehicle, but could no longer get out. Roger Grimes tried to help him, but the dog was totally trapped. The man had no choice but to call for help.

Local police quickly arrived at the scene. Couldn’t do much either, they contacted firefighters and animal control, who quickly joined them.

Muzzle and dismantling of part of the frame

They first gave the German Shepherd some water. They then realized that they were going to have to be very careful, because the frightened dog was not easily approached; he bared his teeth and groaned. Which forced them to make him wear a muzzle.

Then, the drive shaft and the anti-roll bar were removed. Eventually, the quadruped was able to be freed and returned to its relieved owner.

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It’s an exhausted Booger that can be seen at the end of the video, posted by Lufkin Police on his Facebook page. Safe and sound, he recovered perfectly from his mishap after a well-deserved rest.


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