Endowed with unwavering determination, this bitch crosses a river to save her entire litter!

Nothing can stop a mother when she has to save her young, not even a natural disaster. This is what we can realize when discovering these images showing a female dog crossing a river several times to rescue her puppies. She showed remarkable courage despite the dangerous nature of the mission.

We are ready to do anything to help those we love, even more when they are in great danger. Even if it is at the risk of our own lives. The bitch in question did not hesitate for a single second to run the risk of being carried away by the waves, not once, but 8 times (4 outings and as many returns).

The scene dates from December 2015. At that time, very heavy rains fell in eastern India, especially in the city of Chennai (capital of the state of Tamil Nadu) where this heroic rescue took place. place. Heavy flooding ensued and streams overflowed, flooding the streets of towns and villages in the region, as reported by The Dodo .

In all this chaos, a dog stood out for her incredible courage . Her 4 puppies had found themselves trapped on the other side of the swollen river. They were standing on a heap of stones and rubbish carried by the waters. Despite the depth – we can see a motorcycle almost completely submerged – and the force of the current, their mother has done a series of swimming crossings to retrieve her young one by one and deposit them in a safer place.

His intervention was partly filmed by a witness from a building and the video posted on the YouTube platform, where it far exceeded one million views.

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