Legs amputated because of the frost, the new owners are mobilizing the help of Internet users to help their dog to walk again

Brutus and his family had a dream that seemed impossible to realize: that this adorable dog, with a 4-legged amputation, could one day resume walking on his own. The miracle took place thanks to a company specializing in prostheses for animals and the generosity of donors.

Some dog breeders care more about the profit they can make from selling their puppies than about their welfare . Those in which Brutus was born are unfortunately part of it. This Rottweiler was the victim of neglect , having been left outside in an extremely cold weather . His paws were completely frozen and his owners at the time had seen fit to amputate them themselves instead of taking him to the vet , as reported by The Dodo .

The nightmare didn’t end for this hapless dog until he was entrusted to Laura Aquilina , who lived in Loveland, Colorado. She immediately opened an online kitty on the GoFundMe platform to help finance her care. Although savagely amputated of all 4 legs, she hoped for a solution to allow him to move on his own .

Donations poured in and Brutus was able to undergo corrective surgery . Best of all, her story caught the attention of Martin Kauffman , founder of OrthoPets . This Denver- based company specialized in the design of prosthetic devices for animals . 4 custom-made artificial legs were thus created for the Rottweiler thanks to the funds raised.

Brutus became the 2 nd quadruple amputee dog to have received these prostheses for all of its limbs. In no time, he learned how to use it and started walking again , as the Associated Press report below shows:

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