10 ways to bond with your new dog

A better relationship with his puppy depends on the attitude of his master towards him. These few guidelines are good to know.

When adopting a puppy, it is advisable to inform yourself in order to prepare for its arrival. The first presentations made, comes the moment to focus on the link that must be forged with him. To achieve this, certain behaviors should be avoided, while others should be encouraged.

Here are 10 tips for bonding with your puppy.

1. Give attention

Puppies sense when their owner is caring and when he is not. In this case, he needs his attention in order to feel connected to him.

Sharing activities with him can be a good way to do this. Even if the desire to play is not there, it is advisable to make this effort so that the puppy does not feel abandoned.

2. Spend time with your puppy

Puppies need to get to know and trust the person who presents themselves as their master.

For that, spending time with them is crucial. When they are busy playing with the children, the presence of the owner can be a good way to reinforce this status.

3. Communication

A dog needs to be spoken to even if it doesn’t have the ability to respond with words.

We should therefore always insist on the terms that we would like him to understand, with patience and pedagogy.

4. Education

Dogs need learning and exercise in order to boost their intelligence and well-being.

It should be done gently, like a fun activity to do with its owner. A single lesson a day could be more than enough.

5. Know your dog

Know what your dog likes and dislikes. This is so as not to force him to do what he hates or deprive him of what he loves.

Spending time with him and observing him is the best way to get to know your dog.

6. Don’t ask for too much

Dogs don’t like to be pushed around. The bond that we are trying to forge with him may take time to be established.

To do this, avoid signs of affection or enthusiasm that are too abrupt and overwhelming. Keeping up with the dog’s pace would be a better approach.

7. Knowing how to choose your toys

Toys are a good way to entertain the puppy, but also to provide him with benefits on his health and develop his mind.

Thus, you have to know how to choose the toys you buy for your dog, but also make room for activities such as running in order to develop muscles.

8. Show your dog that you love him

Dogs need to know that you love them. We must therefore not forget to maintain their confidence by showing them your affection.

9. Choose top-notch food

Dogs need quality food that is adapted to their needs. We should therefore not skimp on the means when buying their food.

Different products are available in the market to suit the needs of each dog. The advice of a veterinarian may be helpful in making your choice.

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10. Know your dog’s body language

Dogs communicate with the body. This language must be carefully observed by the owner in order to be understood.

Only then will you be able to understand your dog’s needs and in doing so help him to trust you.


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