The benefits of homeopathy on dog daily care

Illustration : "Les bienfaits de l'homéopathie pour soigner son chien au quotidien"

homeopathy has been used for a long time. The novelty is that many dog owners now use it to help their four legged companions become better. There are still differences on the effectiveness of homeopathy in humans and dogs, but it has several advantages that deserve at least attention.


homeopathy is a mild method for dogs, The overall method

homeopathy without side effects is increasingly used to treat dogs’ daily life. What the hell is going on? What are the benefits of this mild treatment? Various diseases treated by


homeopathy can treat a variety of diseases that may affect dogs. Most everyday diseases can be treated in a natural way through homeopathy. Most importantly, they are used as a supplement to the antagonistic veterinary treatment to reduce its side effects or consequences: severe treatment, surgery, etc.

in dogs, homeopathy is used to treat many digestive system diseases, such as diarrhea and constipation, Abdominal distension or vomiting. It is also used to relieve tension, tension and anxiety in dogs. Homeopathy can also solve some behavioral problems: ADHD, aggression, lack of learning attention… However, it can not correct the defects caused by insufficient education, such as lack of socialization.

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homeopathic solution can also be used to treat dogs with urinary diseases such as cystitis or uremia. Allergies, skin diseases and respiratory problems (asthma, etc.) are also part of homeopathy in dogs.

is a mild dog method. If the effectiveness of homeopathy is discussed, there are no side effects

It is generally believed that nursing is safe (in terms of human and dog health). The substances used in homeopathy are diluted to the extreme, eliminating potentially toxic compounds. Homeopathy in dogs also does not have the risk of overdose.

However, the precautionary principle requires that veterinary advice be sought before any drug is used to treat dogs.

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overall approach

Homeopathy is regarded as a holistic nursing method, that is, it considers the treated individual as a whole. Like relevant practices such as traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy is based on the principle that When a function is affected, support not only it, but also the whole organization. The same is true when homeopathy is used to treat dogs. We try to alleviate a symptom, an affected organ, and all people who may be affected by the same disease. The health and well-being of dogs depends on maintaining the balance and harmony of dogs. oHistology. “Kdspe

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