More than 180 dogs rescued from China’s meat trade get a fresh start

Despite the difficulties related to the health crisis and restrictions on animal transport, an association operating in China and North America was able to save more than 180 dogs. Canines that were meant to be slaughtered for their meat.

The China Rescue Dogs team is not the type to give up when it finds itself facing obstacles that are insurmountable in principle. Its volunteers are determined to fulfill their noble mission of rescuing dogs and are not lacking in cunning when it comes to rescuing them from their doom.

Jill Stewart is the founder and president of China Rescue Dogs , which rescues these animals in China and then flies them to North America, where they can start their new lives with their adopted families.

A task made even more difficult with the Covid-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions between the two shores of the Pacific . China Rescue Dogs explains, moreover, that the Chinese authorities prohibit the export and transport of dogs from China to the United States.

However, to get around this measure, the organization recently decided to open an office in Vancouver , Canada. Since then, the canines rescued on Chinese territory have been transported by plane to British Columbia, then by land to the border post at Blaine in Washington State.

Once the formalities have been settled with the American border and customs authorities, the dogs are taken to Seattle where they spend the night in shelters, before boarding again on planes which take them to the cities where their new families reside. , all over the United States.

A network of associations mobilized around China Rescue Dogs for the rescue of dogs

Operations for which China Rescue Dogs benefits from the support of several associations and air carriers, but which are also very expensive. It takes, in fact, 52,000 dollars (approximately 42,000 euros) for the transport of 26 dogs in an air-conditioned cargo plane. This is why Jill Stewart and her comrades regularly launch fundraisers and appeal for the generosity of donors.

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