Fires in the Var: a wave of solidarity to save the domestic animals that have survived the flames

Hard hit by the fires raging in the Var since mid-August, the animals and their owners are the subject of a great outpouring of solidarity on the part of associations, municipalities, veterinary clinics and individuals. Help even comes from neighboring departments.

A wave of fires began to hit the Var on August 16, destroying or damaging houses, educational farms, equestrian centers and private stables. Overnight, pets were left homeless, while others sadly perished from the flames and toxic fumes.

To come to the aid of the survivors and their private owners of housing, a formidable mobilization was set up in the department as elsewhere. This is what the 30 Million Friends Foundation website reported on Monday 23 August.

Through municipalities and social networks in particular, many calls for solidarity have been launched to find accommodation solutions, food aid or search for dogs, cats and other missing companions. “ Thanks to the solidarity and generosity of the people, we have been able to act for animals, ” says the Solidarité Animaux Cavalaire association through the voice of its volunteer manager Emilie .

One of the latter, a stray 3 month old female kitten by the name of Lucie , had all 4 paws burnt during her rescue by the ADAG last Sunday. She was admitted to the Peninsula veterinary clinic in Gassin , where she continues to receive care. The young cat is out of danger, but there is still a long way to go. Fortunately, his lungs were not severely damaged; a chance that other animals have not had, these being more vulnerable to smoke than humans.

Equestrian centers and owners helping horses affected by fires

Animal protection organizations, equestrian centers and individuals also come to the aid of damaged horses. The equestrian center of Draguignan , directed by Arnaud Vigier , and the stables of Guillaume Gombert in Cuers are among the establishments that have opened their doors to equines deprived of a roof since the fires.

The Poils de tendresse association, based in Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée in the neighboring Alpes-Maritimes department, also offers temporary accommodation for horses, rodents, cows and sheep in distress.

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These are all noble initiatives that remind us that even in the most insurmountable dramas, the community of animal lovers is always ready to come together and organize themselves to reach out to our friends in difficulty.


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