An elderly person sets a trap for the kidnappers of his kidnapped dog when handing them the ransom!

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In the Val-d’Oise, 2 teenagers seized the dog of a septuagenarian, then demanded from the latter a ransom in exchange for the return of her pet. Alerted, the police trapped these individuals and their accomplice, and proceeded to arrest them. The canid was returned to his mistress.”

A dog was returned to its owner the day after it was abducted by 2 young people who were trying to extort money from it, as reported by Yahoo News the day before yesterday.”

” They enter the garden and leave with the dog

The facts took place on February 15 in Osny, in the Val-d’Oise. The teenagers, aged 15 and 17, had broken into the property of a septuagenarian. Upon entering the garden, they kidnapped his little dog.”

After their forfeit, they called the lady to claim the sum of 400 euros against the return of her 4-legged companion. Something she pretended to accept, before notifying the municipal police of Pontoise.”

” The kidnappers trapped by the police, the dog returned safe and sound to his mistress

The next day, around 4 p.m., the mistress of the canine presented herself at the appointment agreed with the thieves, at the station of Pontoise. The exchange took place under the surveillance, at a good distance, of the municipal police and the BAC of the Cergy police station, says Le Parisien. The police were thus able to catch the teenagers in flagrante delicto, to then intervene and arrest them. They did the same with an adult who accompanied them.”

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The latter has been released, while the kidnappers have been presented to a juvenile judge. They are subject to proceedings for aggravated extortion. They were released, too.”

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