Lady customizes her recently adopted dog’s cage because she doesn’t dare leave it

Because this bitch who was afraid of everything systematically took refuge in her cage, her adoptive mother decided to set it up to make it a comfortable and welcoming place.

The beautiful story of Bella is told to us by The Dodo . It had started 2 years ago, when this dog was taken in by the association Project Hope Animal Rescue , based in Coldwater, Michigan.

The Labrador-Retriever cross in the beautiful white dress was frightened by absolutely everything. Shortly after her rescue, she was adopted by Melissa Maher . Her new family, with the help of their other dog Mack , were actively working to comfort her and make her feel at home , as she jumped and ran into hiding at the slightest noise and movement. And whenever someone she didn’t know came over to the house, she would rush to her cage , the same one she had arrived in at Melissa Maher’s .

In fact, her cage has always been her go-to refuge whenever she needed reassurance . Her adoptive parents always left the door open so that she did not feel trapped.

Here are some pictures of the cage in question:

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