These two dogs have turned into real protectors for their sisters. And this, well before their birth!

During the pregnancy of their owner, the dogs Thor and Sherman were already showing a significant change in their behavior. And when the twins came into the world, their protective instinct was fully expressed.

It is not at all uncommon for a dog to experience a change in his attitude when his owner becomes pregnant . Often, he becomes even more caring and affectionate towards her, then reproduces this benevolent behavior towards the newborn baby . This is exactly the case with Sherman and especially Thor , Tiffany Bowman’s 2 dogs, as The Dodo tells it.

The latter is convinced that they understood that something was being prepared during her pregnancy . Thor the Welsh Corgi Pembroke had become very protective , never took off her with a sole and constantly sought physical contact .

The birth of the twins took place earlier than expected. Due to preeclampsia, Tiffany Bowman had to give birth urgently via cesarean section. She and her babies had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit for some time. Blankets imbued with the scent of the little girls were presented to the dogs for them to sniff and get used to. This is one of the most common dog preparation practices for the arrival of a newborn baby.

Then, when the twins finally got home , Thor and Sherman made sure to always stay close to them . The Corgi even got into the habit of bringing them toys and treats .

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All these little attentions say a lot about the intelligence , sensitivity and loyalty of our 4-legged companions. As for babies, they are lucky to be able to count on real guardian angels .


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