Actor Michael J. Fox plays Marty McFly in Back to the Future mourns the passing of his dog!

Micheal J. Fox / Instagram

Michael J. Fox is in mourning. His faithful dog Gus has died, as the actor announced earlier this week. The canid had accompanied him for years and brought him great comfort in the face of illness.”

The bond between Michael J. Fox and his dog Gus went far beyond friendship. The quadruped helped him to live better the disease and to keep his spirits up, especially in the most difficult moments.”

We can imagine the grief he must have felt with the disappearance of the 12-year-old Great Dane / Labrador-Retriever cross. The Canadian-American actor himself announced the sad news on Monday, April 12 on his Instagram account, as reported by People.

Gus, great dog and loyal friend, we will miss you, can be read on the post in question, including a beautiful photo of his deceased pet.”

The star of the Back to the Future trilogy, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary next June, also paid tribute to his late dog by publishing several stories featuring photos where they appear together.

” A Wonder of a Dog

Michael J. Fox had talked about his dog and their beautiful relationship several times, including in his recent autobiography titled Forward to the Future. In his book, he calls him a dog wonder.”

In more than one interview, he spoke about the valuable role Gus has played in dealing with his health problems. Michael J. Fox has Parkinson’s disease.”

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In addition, in 2018, the Edmonton native had surgery for a non-cancerous tumor in the spine. When he returned home, Gus was there to welcome him happily. After turning around his wheelchair, he sat in front of his master to look him straight in the eye, as if to tell him that everything was going to be fine.”

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