To maintain their English Bulldog suffering from arthritis, a family is developing a dog stairlift in the colors of English buses!

In Denmark, the owner of an elderly dog with joint pain had a rather special stairlift made for him.

Pia Hjelmsø would do anything for her dog Aase . The latter is a senior English Bulldog who is not the type to run and jump around the house. And for good reason, his lack of mobility is not only due to his age , but also to the arthritis from which he has suffered from a young age, as reported by Animal Channel .

For this brave doggie, therefore, certain exercises and maneuvers are impossible, such as going up or down the stairs . And since there is one at home, Pia Hjelmsø thought about a way to make it easier for her to climb up and down the stairs.

It was there that she had the idea to install a stairlift for him . It was inspired by the video (below) of a man named Jean-Marc , where he explains in detail the stages of construction of such a project.

Pia Hjelmsø called on a friend, Lars Trillingsgaard , to help her complete the work. The result is admirable. The stairlift is not only practical for the quadruped. It also has a lot of style , since the nacelle is inspired by the red double-decker double-decker buses that can be found in London in particular.

Aase tried it, approved and adopted it , as can be seen in this video:

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Which is reminiscent of the stairlift that an American from New Orleans had posed for her 4 dogs, 3 of them old.


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