Rescue of 9 puppies stuck at the bottom of a rock cavity more than 5 meters deep!

Hope for Paws volunteers rescued a whole litter of puppies that had found refuge in a gallery several meters deep. The operation, very delicate, was a success.

Since its founding in 2008 by Eldad and Audrey Hagar , the Hope for Paws association has been rescuing animals in distress in Los Angeles and even elsewhere in California. One of them recovered 9 unharmed puppies, and is the subject of the report below posted on YouTube.

The video begins with a tribute to Lisa Ashe , a late friend of the founders of the organization. They were also attending his funeral when they learned that a group of young dogs needed urgent help.

Arrived on the scene, the volunteers did indeed note that puppies were hiding in a cavity under the rock and the earth. They first counted 8 . Their mother , on the other hand, was nowhere to be found. They tried to lure them out of the hole with pieces of the burger. The strategy seemed to be working, as the small canines got closer and one of them could be caught. Sadly, his siblings suddenly got scared and returned to their hiding place .

Eldad Hagar then trudged through the narrow passage in an attempt to reach the puppies, but they were out of reach. Equipped with a leash-lasso, he managed to recover a 2nd and 3 rd and 4 th. The other 4 went even further into the gallery, 5 and a half meters deep.

It was therefore necessary to dig another hole to finally save them in turn. But then they thought to have finished, volunteers have heard 9th puppy! He too could have been brought out from underground and taken in charge by the association like the rest of the siblings. At the shelter , they were fed, cared for and cleaned , then offered for adoption . Hope for Paws also tried to find their mother, but they were unsuccessful.

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