An autonomous German Shepherd cat surprises the web! Every day, he greets the postman and collects the packages himself! (Video)

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A particularly intelligent and helpful dog takes care of receiving parcels intended for his owners when they are away from the house.

Nuomi is not a common dog . This German Shepherd living in China in an apartment with his owners walks around with a t-shirt. But that’s not just what makes this dog special. Indeed, a surveillance camera revealed that the dog received mail and packages on its own.

It is not very common to see a dog doing a service to its owners, other than returning the ball and guarding the house. When it comes to practical things, like bringing a glass of water or turning off the light, things become less obvious.

However, Nuomi has proven to be even more competent than the dog families dream of. A video relayed by Cesarsway shows his exploits in pictures.

When her masters have left for work and the postman rings, Nuomi heads for the door. He opens it, takes the package and puts it in the living room. Arrested, the postman tries to enter the apartment to see if anyone is there and possibly take his receipt.

Only, the dog does not only receive the mail , he keeps the house. And if the postman brings something for his masters, he is nonetheless a stranger when he tries to enter. Seeing him do it, the dog barks , which frightens the postman who runs away.

Quietly, Nuomi closes the door and returns to sit in his living room, like the brave dog he is.

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