Sports coach creates special program for client’s disabled dog and teaches her to walk again

Born with a malformation of the spine, a young dog was taken in charge by an association and a physiotherapist to help her regain the use of her paws. She must also receive care for other health problems. His determination and that of the volunteers command respect and admiration.

Goldie had been starved and neglected . This female puppy was in terrible shape when she arrived at the Good Karma Shelter , located in Fort Lauderdale , Florida, Animal Channel reports.

She came into the world with a deformed spine , which prevented her from moving . In addition to being paralyzed , her tail was mutilated . April Lowe and her Good Karma colleagues, however, were determined to help her regain the use of her limbs .

It is also April Lowe who regularly gives news of the bitch and her progress on Facebook . In mid-November, she explained in particular that Goldie was being treated with antibiotics for ailments affecting her eyes and skin . She took the opportunity to thank all those who had sent donations , thanks to which the dog’s care could be financed.

Goldie was eating better and better and gaining weight , but she still couldn’t move properly . April Lowe , his brother and his wife made him exercise, making a passage with wooden walls to help him walk upright .

Kyle Krupa , a physiotherapist who usually works with human patients, has agreed to take Goldie in charge. Besides the sessions he had her do, he also showed April Lowe exercises for her to do at her home with the puppy.

Goldie continues to grow thanks to her benefactors, who give her constant attention and encourage her tirelessly.

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Last I heard, a new program was set up for the little dog, including massage and acupuncture sessions, in addition to physiotherapy. In addition, the veterinarian who follows her recommended a gradual transition to a raw diet in order to reduce the volume of her stools, Goldie suffering from incontinence .


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