Teach his dog to turn off the lights

Illustration : "Apprendre à son chien à éteindre ou allumer la lumière"

our dogs have the ability to learn a variety of commands and skills, including those that make our daily life easier. Turning off and turning on the lights is part of it.


why did he teach his dog to turn off the lights? How to teach his dog to turn off the lights?

sitting on your sofa or bed, do you dream of having your dog turn off or turn on the light instead of you? So read this article, arm yourself with patience, and it will be completed! Why did

teach his dog to turn off the lights?

is essential to teach his dog “tricks”. In addition to the interesting and interesting side, this is a good way to spend his dog’s spirit, maintain his awakening and consolidate his basic education.

in addition, this is far from negligible. Teaching his dog skills can strengthen your interspecific relationship with him. This is a privileged moment of sharing and collusion.

however, learning how to turn off and turn on the lights is not the simplest trick. You should start with easier exercises, such as reaching out, turning around, being a beautiful person, being a dead person, etc.

and then, More specifically, this technique invites you to wave to your dog several times a day (as long as you need to turn off the light or turn off the light), which gives him a real sense of “service”: This is especially popular among working dogs.

How to teach his dog to turn off the lights? The most important thing of

is to teach your dog something. Whether it is this round or other rounds, you must


show patience. Don’t take time to complete all steps in an emergency without going too fast.


find a less exciting environment to cultivate the dog’s attention.

provide rewards for themselves to actively strengthen the dog’s good behavior.

may use the click button to accurately mark the correct behavior.

tend to be short (no more than 15 minutes) and repeated regularly (one point a day for quick results).

“In addition, your dog must have mastered the basics of education and be used to a variety of skills. If your dog doesn’t know how to sit on a sign, for example,”

“” Here, I provide a learning method using click, but you should know that even without click, it is completely possible: just say “yes” instead of clicking.

do not use click. The disadvantage of not using click is that the “mark” is inaccurate In fact, clicking can make you more responsive and efficient.

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I remind you of the principle of clicking: when the dog performs well, you click, and then you give a reward (usually candy). Finally, in order to make this method effective, your dog should not only be used to clicking, but also be used to learning courses that emphasize “shaping” In short, a learning course is divided into several stages to enable the dog to achieve the expected final behavior.

step 1: stand next to the switch, say nothing and wait for your dog to stare at it. If your dog is used to ShapiWu, he will give you a lot of behavior. Stand still, don’t be distracted by his many suggestions, and wait for him to take a look at the (even furtive) switch. It is completely acceptable to look at the wall at first.

step 2: once your dog looks at the wall, click and reward. Of course, the same is true when he sees the switch. Here, you must be very precise. Even if you click it by mistake, you still have to give your dog a candy (it’s too bad for you, you’ll be more strict next time…).

repeat several times.

step 3: the more you do, the more you need it, But only if the previous steps have been completed. From now on, you will click only when your dog is staring at the switch (not the wall).

click, reward and repeat the practice several times.

step 4: as long as the previous steps are well mastered and your dog always lets you look at the switch,

is a term that you decide whether you want it to do this with its nose or claws, and just click the desired behavior.

Repeat the exercise several times until the behavior is fully learned and systematically proposed.

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step 5: finally, every time the dog touches the switch and tries to turn on or off the light, You can indicate voice commands. You can choose the word you like. The most important thing is that it is always the same!

so at the beginning, say “light”, click and reward. Then, the ultimate goal is to let your dog turn off the light or turn off the light in your position, which means that you will gradually move away from the switch and let your dog remote.

gradually, you no longer need to click, because this behavior will be accepted. On the other hand, continue to give your dog candy and congratulate him on his good behavior to encourage him to start over and maintain momentum. Finally, you just need to ask him “light”, a simple verbal reward is enough. “

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