How do you go to public transport with your dog?

Illustration : "Comment voyager avec son chien dans les transports en commun ?"

you have to travel with your dog, but don’t you know the public transport rules? We will help you calmly understand and plan your trip.


which dog can take public transport? What are the rules of travel? How can you travel peacefully with your dog in the subway? Which dog can take public transport?

now and recently, almost all dogs are accepted by the urban transportation system: subway, bus, RER. However, there are some rules to follow.


transporters have defined several “categories” of dogs, and small dogs must be transported in suitable containers (bags, baskets) no longer than 45 cm in length; All dogs are not suitable for the shape of this basket and are considered big dogs; Guide dogs for blind or disabled people.

there are other categories in some areas. For example, in Paris, working dogs of the Paris fire brigade can also travel.

Some dogs still can’t take public transport. This is the first kind of dog, also known as attack dog; Some networks also do not support the so-called second type of defensive dog: visit your public transport network website to learn more. What are the rules of


first travels with his dog. If your dog is a puppy and it travels in a handbag or basket, transportation is free. For large dogs, you must pay a discount ticket (remember to verify). For guide dogs or help dogs, transportation is free.

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is to be accepted by other travelers. Your dog must not interfere with others under any circumstances. If someone disagrees, you must get off or take the subway.

puppies must travel in closed cages. For large dogs, they must travel with belts and masks.

The helper dog must be able to prove its function, so it must be equipped with seat belt and supporting documents.

must be as early as possible. It’s not normal for dogs to take the subway, even trains or cars. They have claws and prefer to use them to move.

so you must get used to it. It’s best to get used to it from a very young age, so that it won’t be too stressed because of this situation, Especially if you want to use transportation with him regularly.

for his first trip, plan:

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take your time (if you have to come down…), Avoid peak hours. Don’t let your dog eat within 2 hours to avoid vomiting, because you have to go to a place he will like, such as a park. Don’t let him go to the bathroom or the vet right away!

if your dog shows impatience, trample or cry, don’t deceive it! Then he will understand that his concern is reasonable. If your dog looks stressed during these trips, tell your veterinarian or his assistant and they will advise you to use essential oils or pheromone products to soothe your dog.

Kdsps “when your trip goes well, don’t forget to congratulate and reward your companions!”

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