This cunning bitch has an unstoppable technique when it comes to getting the best seat on the couch (Video)

Holly Suarez / Facebook

Holly Suarez’s 2 bitches love to lie next to her on the sofa. To get the best place, one of them has developed a strategy full of mischief that works every time.

Last August, a woman by the name of Holly Suarez posted a funny video on Facebook , featuring her 2 bitches Gypsy and Kilo as the protagonists.

The 2 quadrupeds adore each other, but Kilo is more cunning than his fellow creature, especially when it comes to grabbing key places in the house, as The Dodo tells it.

In the sequence in question, we can first see Gypsy quietly lying next to her mistress on the sofa , then Kilo who watches her with great envy. She would like to take his place and then decides to cunning .

She first gives a little jump, wagging her tail, as if to invite her friend to play . Once the latter’s attention has been captured, she draws him to the toys on the floor and makes sure to make as much noise as possible for Gypsy to join her .

Her plan is unfolding exactly as she had planned. Gypsy falls into the trap , not being able to resist the invitation of Kilo , who hastens to replace her .

While filming the scene, their owner did not fail to reproach Kilo for his behavior, nor to remind Gypsy that she was being fooled every time .

It is, in fact, an old habit with the first. She’s been doing this for years, according to Holly Suarez .

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Not at all resentful, Gypsy seems especially disappointed by the extremely short nature of the game session falsely proposed by Kilo . Moreover, it does not take long to come and snuggle up against it . The sofa offers enough space for the 2 friends.

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