Authorities to the rescue of a dog that fell from a 12-meter cliff

Getting lost after running away, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch had a big fall and got stuck at the edge of a stream. An RSPCA volunteer and firefighters came to her aid.

In England, a dog that fell from a 12-meter cliff was rescued thanks to the rapid intervention of an association and firefighters, as reported by BuryTimes on Wednesday, June 16.

The incident took place the day before. On Monday June 14 at midday, a man was walking with his Labrador Retriever near Harvard Road in Bury , about ten kilometers north of Manchester .

They then found themselves facing a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who got scared and ran away. The owner of the Labrador Retriever saw her run away at full speed, then fall to finish her fall at the edge of the river below. The dog found herself trapped among the brambles and unable to escape; it was stuck at the edge of the stream, a little over a meter above it.

Unable to help, the man called the local RSPCA ( Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ), who dispatched volunteer Angela Paxton-Taylor to the scene. She had trouble locating the animal, the land was particularly difficult to access. She then realized that there wasn’t much she could do without the right equipment, either.

Angela Paxton-Taylor decided to contact the local fire department, who quickly reached her. One of them rappelled down, but couldn’t reach the bitch’s position. His aquatic rescue colleagues took over aboard a boat. They finally managed to attract her to them and get her on board, before handing her over to the volunteer.


The bitch identified by her chip

At first nervous and on her guard, the Staffie gradually relaxed when she understood that the rescuers and Angela Paxton-Taylor were there to help her. The RSPCA inspector examined it, finding that it was unharmed, then passed it to the ID chip reader, which detected one.


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This made it possible to know the name and the age of the bitch; her name is Stella and is 6 years old. However, the information concerning its owner was not up to date. The association had to do its little investigation to obtain his contact details and contact him. The master came to pick up Stella the same evening, explaining that she had escaped from the house.


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