Elderly dog, thrown from car on the side of the road, tries to survive his many broken bones

Bear is not yet completely out of the woods, but he has been taken in by vets and shown remarkable courage despite his terrible mishap. This dog indeed survived after being thrown from a car.

Last Saturday (September 26, 2020), a witness saw someone throw a dog from their car , ABC7 reports. The incident took place around 1:30 p.m. local time on Market Street in Paterson , New Jersey.

The animal in question, a Poodle by the name of Bear , had clearly been overlooked by its owners for some time, as it was very thin and had dirty, matted coats . As soon as he was recovered, he was taken to the Oradell Veterinary Clinic , located in the nearby town of Paramus .

His state of health was of particular concern when he arrived at the animal hospital. He suffered from skull and pelvis fractures , skin lesions , as well as a diaphragmatic hernia that significantly affected his breathing.

The vets had to operate quickly. During the procedure, they discovered a large tear in his rib cage . “ The operation was complicated, but successful. Bear is a real fighter, ”says the Ramapo-Bergen refuge, which took charge of the dog.

The organization indicates, moreover, that the Poodle has slowly started to move and react . He notably looked up when the vet spoke to him. She adds that he is feeling better and sleeping a lot since the surgery.

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The authorities are currently seeking to identify the perpetrator of this abject act so that he can respond to it in court.


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