Left to their own devices, these two Lhasa Apso transform and rediscover the warmth of a home together!

Some thought they were doomed, but the dog Moo and his father Chewey were fortunate to be taken in by people determined to save them.

Chewy and Moo are 2 dogs of the Lhasa Apso breed. The first, 13 years old , is the father of the second. When they arrived at the shelter of the organization Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR) in Phoenixville in the state of Pennsylvania, volunteers were shocked to discover their condition.

As The Dodo reports, in fact, the canines had extremely matted and dirty coats. And for good reason ! They had been abandoned for months in a house. Their claws were very long and their skin was eaten away by an untreated infection. Chewy was the more in pain of the 2 as his hair had completely covered his eyes causing him to lose much of his vision .

The MLAR team used to deal with the most desperate cases for 20 years, but Chewy and Moo were the worst . Still, they were determined to make sure they got off the hook.

The dogs were shaved and washed , and then received treatment for various skin, ear and oral ailments. Moo also had a tumor on his paw, which luckily turned out to be benign and which the vets removed .

In a few weeks, their state of health improved considerably. They were ready to take the next step: adoption . Luckily, a family was found quickly, that of Tara Flynn , who lives in Collegeville . Impressed by the tremendous resilience of the 2 Lhasa Apso and by their kindness, she had already adopted senior dogs from the same shelter.

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Chewy and Moo joined their new family soon after. Since then, they have fully enjoyed the affection and comfort of their home, alongside their 3 new canine friends.


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