(Video) The return to childhood of this man on a walk with his dog

Do we take enough time to savor life? Do we take enough time to relax, to evacuate all feelings of stress and anxiety? No. This man, who can be seen in the video below, decided to fight this and let go, to play. For example, during his walks with his dog, where he did not hesitate to slide on the snow… as a child would do without the slightest thought!

What do we see on the film of a little over a minute shot by her husband? Him down a path on what appears to be a dog sled (or sled) , camera fixed to his face. Better still, we appreciate the contagious smile of the man, whose age is probably between 35 and 45 years.

Above all, at his side, his dog does not miss a beat . Sometimes he starts to run, when the sled accelerates, slips on slightly melted snow because of the bright sun. Sometimes he stops and comes to lick his master’s face . The latter savor these moments of relaxation , of total decompression . He also shows us the grandiose landscape. We can feel the crackling of snow , fir trees and this incredible calm that enlivens us.

De-stress through play!

In fact, this man is simply taking the time that we shy away from for the sake of performing in our day to day life. Because we believe that time is so precious that we should not waste a bit of it. Except that we forget, too often, that playing can be a good way to release all forms of pressure, stress and parasitic thoughts. It is a bit of a remedy for our tension , as this study assures us.

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