To save her puppies, a mother does not hesitate to help the members of an association as much as possible

In India , a dog was in distress at the foot of a house that had fallen under the weight of the rain. Under the rubble were her two puppies. She knew them alive. She was able to count on the help-benefactress of rescuers from a local organization, to find them and, today, to pamper them.

The tears of this bitch could not leave marble those who passed by her side. She seemed distraught , lost . She needed help. So a call was made to Animal Aid Unlimited , a local animal rescue organization in India . The volunteers did not need to be asked to intervene quickly.

In this case, near a house that had fallen into ruin . She had collapsed under the weight of the rain . Underneath, presumably, were puppies. Through a look , a tail flapping from right to left, the dog managed to convey the urgency of the situation to the volunteers.

The two puppies find their mother

The dog didn’t just watch the rescuers clearing away. She tried to guide them. Showing them the exact spot . She too began to dig , thanks to her paws and her mouth . Anxiety lay in wait for her. His behavior did not show anything else. But she was sure her puppies were still alive. A certainty quickly accompanied by guarantees.

And then a baby was pulled out of the rubble. Another followed. The two little ones were able to regain their mother’s paws, happy and relieved. Satisfied. The rescuers of course did not leave the dog and her cubs in this place. They took them under their wings. Today, she can feed and take care of her babies in the warmth. She will be sterilized when her puppies are weaned. But one thing at a time. The satisfaction of having been able to save a mother and her young predominates.

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