A collar created to translate your dog’s barking?

Illustration : "Un collier créé pour traduire les aboiements de votre chien ?" Illustration photo

It is promised, thanks to this Lexie collar, the barking of your dog will no longer have any secrets for you. You will be able to instantly understand the desires of your pooch, but also hear it when it gets lost… It would be nice if it weren’t false information to raise public awareness of the importance of identification!”

Imagine a collar that helps your dog to dialogue with you. A necklace that, thanks to sensors, allows you to capture the vibrations of your pooch’s vocal cords and translates all his requests in real time. A smart collar that would simplify the relationship between dog and man. This necklace called Lexie has everything to be revolutionary. Except that it does not exist …

Because your pet can not ask for its way when it gets lost, identify it, can we read on the website of the I-CAD, at the origin of this false advertising, in order to sensitize dog owners to the identification of the latter. This communication campaign launched on June 3 in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food aims to inform the French about identification and its challenges.”

An even more important identification in this summer period, when animal losses are numerous. We wanted to alert the owners about this, says a spokeswoman for I-CAD to Sciences et Avenir.”

” A tamper-proof chip and implanted for life

Thus, this communication splits into 2. It is a question of capturing the attention and challenging the public through the launch of the Lexie collar, the first collar that allows dogs and cats to talk and therefore ask for their way, if they get lost. […] This device makes visitors understand that identification is the safest way to find an animal.”

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I-Cad then invites Internet users and dog owners to go to jidentifiemonaimal.fr to understand all the issues of an identification of his animal. Specifying that the chip is completely waterproof, biocompatible and does not contain any magnetic or electrical system that could harm the health of the animal. It contains a unique code, consisting of 15 digits, which is readable when a specific reader has passed near the chip. It is unfalsifiable and implanted for life.”

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