They meet a dog in the Nepalese mountains at 6000 meters above sea level and reach the top, together!

Familiar with the Nepalese summits is not for everyone. In fact, when the mountaineer Don and his team, in full expedition, crossed the road of a dog at 6000 meters of altitude, it was intriguing. Still, the canine was able to accompany all these beautiful people without any problem to the top. What to create strong bonds with Don , his new friend.

Mera Peak and Baruntse . Nepalese peaks located respectively at 6,476 m and 7,129 m . A challenge commensurate with Don Wargowsky , a seasoned and passionate American mountaineer . In this winter of 2019, the man was asked to lead an expedition in these 2 mountains . On the menu: more than a month (34 days) in a dream setting, but more than dangerous for humans. Moreover, an overtrained Sherpa had succumbed in the Baruntse in 2010. Proof that nature is never a place of tranquility.

Baru impresses his companions

Don Wargowsky and his team had just passed the tenth day of the trek safely. And, in the midst of this white cold, where all vegetation is absent, an unexpected encounter : a stray dog . He was walking serenely at an altitude of more than 6,000 meters. Don supposed that the animal, named Baru , came from a freshly crossed village and that he had not hesitated to follow them.

A simple goodbye to Baru …

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