A young man spends two hours under the foundations of a house in the heat to save a litter of 9 stray puppies!

Despite the heat, as well as the narrowness and dirtiness of the place, a young volunteer managed to recover all the puppies that lived under a house after several hours of effort. Their mother was also saved.

Merrilyn Shobe regularly acts as a volunteer on behalf of the association Melissa’s Second Chances , based in Shawnee in the State of Kansas (central United States). When she learned that an entire family of dogs needed help, she didn’t hesitate to travel the 2.5 hour drive to where they were to rescue them. But she did not go there alone; she was accompanied by her son Elijah .

It was a Boxer cross bitch and her 9 puppies who had found refuge under the foundations of a house in Cherryvale . Arrived at the scene, Merrilyn and Elijah immediately got down to the task, despite its difficulty . The temperature was over 38C that day, and the place was difficult to access , reports I Love My Dog So Much .

Determined to save all the dogs, Elijah had no choice but to crawl under the foundations to reach those who, scared , had hidden deep in the back, behind the pillars and the pipes. After 2 hours of intense effort , the young man was able to recover the 9 puppies and their mother. While he thought he had finished, he realized that there was a small 10 th to help. Elijah then spent an additional hour scrambling to grab him, which he eventually succeeded. The family was now complete and out of danger .

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The puppies, estimated to be 7 weeks old , have all been given to foster families . They were infested with internal and external parasites, lean and dehydrated . They will receive all the care they need, then be vaccinated and sterilized . They can then be proposed for adoption .


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