(Video) The emotional encounter between a man and his new dog

For his birthday, a man did not expect to receive such a beautiful gift. On his return from a professional trip, he was greeted by a new dog. A big surprise made by his partner. A filmed surprise that is moving to watch. Sorry, to taste.

The mere sight of a puppy can amaze their day, their everyday life , and make life even more beautiful than it already is. For some time now, Matt Gorski and his partner, Jenna Sacks , have been considering adopting a second dog . Life with Ponyo , the first of the family, was almost perfect, but the dog wasn’t as happy as before. “ She had been feeling a bit lonely since our Pitbull died a few years ago,Jenna told The Dodo.

Was it still necessary to choose the right moment to bring a new canine to their home ? Jenna had the wonderful attention to surprise her partner on her birthday. Returning from a business trip, Matt was speechless after opening the front door to their Brooklyn home. In front of him, Ponyo , of course, but above all a puppy named George Michael . “ It was a happy moment and the happiest day of my life, ” says Matt .

Hurricane survivor

Since this adoption, even Ponyo has changed. “ The difference is incredible. She’s more active and follows George Michael everywhere, ”confirms Jenna . The puppy is growing up and his past as a Bideawee hurricane refugee seems far away. He doesn’t look traumatized. He obviously found the perfect family. The one who gives him all the love a dog can dream of.


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