Worried about her dog’s state of anxiety, she decides to create the ideal garden for him in his new home.

Because she loves her dog and would do anything for his happiness, a young woman not only decided to move, but she also created a little corner of his own, reminding him of walks in the park.

The Dogs of Saint Hubert are well known for their talents as trackers , allowing them to easily ascend the paths taken by those they seek. Bentley had to find the road that would lead him to inner peace and serenity .

The quadruped was in fact suffering from anxiety . Because of this and other health issues, he had known 4 families who could not manage him, reports The Dodo . The 5 th was the correct one. KaTarra Taylor had believed in him from the start. She was firmly determined to help him out of his bad spiral.

Thanks to her, her psychic and emotional state improved considerably. At the time, she lived in a studio apartment , so she had to walk Bentley frequently. She took him to the park where he was happy to play and to land on the grass . He was never so happy as when he was surrounded by greenery .

KaTarra Taylor knew, however, that exits weren’t enough. A studio was not the optimal living environment for a Chien de Saint Hubert weighing around 50 kg . The young woman then decided to move . The duo now live in a townhouse with a tiny fenced outdoor space. She immediately thought of arranging the patio to make it more pleasant for Bentley .

The idea was to set up a small patch of grass . With the help of her boyfriend, KaTarra Taylor got down to business. They first dug the ground a few centimeters deep, then spread the soil before laying the sod, and voila!

Within hours of work, Bentley’s green corner was ready. KaTarra Taylor called the dog to come and see her little patch of grass. The Saint Hubert literally fell in love with it . He lay there for several hours that day and it became his favorite place .

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