Can we give the rest of the table to his dog?

Illustration : "Peut-on donner les restes de table à son chien ?"

is it a good thing to give the dog the rest of lunch or dinner? Of course, the answer is No. Nothing is more harmful to its health and behavior than to treat it as a “trash can” on the table. There are several reasons for this. Let’s review


food is not suitable for the specific needs of dogs. A bad habit that encourages bad behavior will only give dogs food. There are no other

classic scenes: you eat alone or with your family, use your hands or the plate on the table, the dog sits there, staring at the plate, patiently waiting (not always) to get a part of “Sa”. Of course, it’s hard to resist this begging look, but it’s for everyone’s benefit, starting with the dog itself.

this is one of the bad eating habits that lead to obesity and various digestive system diseases in dogs. Therefore, dogs’ health, behavior and family life are threatened.

is not suitable for dogs’ special needs. The dietary needs of

dogs are different from ours. Its body needs some nutrients and rejects other nutrients, many of which are part of our daily menu. Lactose, onions, garlic, egg white, bacon and cooked food, raisins, mushrooms and chocolate are almost everywhere. These are foods harmful to dogs.


give dogs the rest of the food, so allowing dogs to eat one of the indigestible foods is likely to damage dogs’ health. This can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other digestive problems. In addition, our diet may contain a lot of sugar, salt and fat. These are also dog health risks. Unfortunately, more and more dogs are suffering from obesity.

receives suggestions from woopets by registering a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about “kdsp” also remember that bones, especially the smallest bones (chicken, rabbit, etc.), can cause suffocation and internal injury if eaten by your dog. “Kdsp” is a bad habit that encourages bad behavior “kdsp” Therefore, giving the tableware residue to the dog is not only harmful to the dog’s health. His education and behavior have also been seriously affected. If he is used to receiving the money on the plate after dinner or after dinner, he will begin to systematically ask for the money. At best, he will sit and stare at what you eat, which is already very unpleasant, especially for your guests. Some dogs become very picky and even aggressive, making lunch and dinner tense, and this should be a happy moment.

from the beginning, you should let your dog understand that he shouldn’t wander around the table when eating. Follow this rule every time without any deviation.


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only gives it food. In addition to “kdsp”, your pet should not have a balanced diet. It should not only adapt to its dog’s status (chewing or home cooking), but also according to its breed, size, age or condition (sick dog, pregnant dog or lactating dog, etc.), Their use must be limited. Even specially designedOur dog. Of course, they can be used as incentives to promote education, but they must be treated with caution so as not to undermine the balance of diet. “

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