A dog disrupts a Paris metro line for nearly 3 hours

Line 13 RATP / Twitter

The incident, without consequences for the animal, took place in early October. The dog in question was found on the rails of the Parisian metro, disrupting the circulation of line 13 for several hours. The quadruped was finally recovered unharmed and taken to a veterinary clinic.

Users on line 13 of the Paris metro will long remember the evening of October 1, 2019. That day, at the station Duroc, they were very surprised watching a dog run on rails, taking the lead from Guy Môquet station. It was 5 pm and this intrusion on the track by the stray animal would cause a disturbance of nearly 3 hours on the said line.

Several people present on the platform obviously immortalized the scene with their cell phones. The video below, posted on the YouTube platform, shows the quadruped running at full speed and in panic on the rails, while the horn of an approaching metro is heard, coming from the other side.

Fortunately, the dog was eventually picked up before anything happened to him. “ Safe and sound ”, as the Paris metro line 13’s Twitter account indicates, he was then taken to a veterinary clinic . In the same tweet, the RATP service thanked users for their patience. Traffic on this line resumed normally around 8 p.m.

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