The volunteer had tried everything in vain to comfort this depressed dog, then found the miracle solution (video)

Nala the dog refused to leave her bed, despite the efforts of the volunteer who had just welcomed her in her refuge. Then the latter had a brilliant idea: to appeal to her son.

Depression also exists in dogs . Nala , a female Pitbull , was in terrible pain, but she finally came out of her shell thanks to a child , as the Animal Channel recounts.

The dog had been gathered in the street and taken to the shelter Bull Breed Rescue Christchurch, New Zealand. In his box, nothing seemed to be able to cheer him up. She remained lying at the back, refusing to leave the place to approach the bars.

For 2 days, the owner of the shelter, Abbey van der Plas , spent hours sitting in front of her hoping to gain her trust, but the animal remained motionless . The treats and toys she brought him back didn’t help either.

Abbey van der Plas then had an idea: she called her son Zach . And there, as if by magic, something visibly started in Nala’s mind. As soon as she saw the 7-year-old boy arriving, she lifted her head and approached the gate. She even started wagging her tail and let Abbey brush her nose , while stretching several times. A small miracle !

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It was the starting point of the exit of the vicious circle of the depression for the bitch… Subsequently, Abbey and Zach taught her the basic orders ( sitting , lying , etc.). Above all, they enabled her to gain confidence in humans, even if she kept a clear preference for the little ones; Abbey’s other son also took part in his rehabilitation .


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