6 months after his adoption, admire the incredible transformation of this once neglected dog!

The photos of a dog posted by her family on Reddit show a real makeover. The images are taken a few months apart and the contrast is such that one has the impression of dealing with 2 distinct canines.

Adopting a dog is like giving it a new start in life and often even saving it. The story in question here, reported by the Daily Star on July 27, 2021, is the best illustration of this.

We do not know everything about the history of the dog concerned, but what is certain is that she has come a long way and that we can almost speak of a miracle or a resurrection.

Her owner, a Reddit community website user calling himself mkedwall , posted 3 photos of her. The first had been taken at the time of her rescue and adoption. The other 2 were released less than 6 months later. Looking at these images, it is hard to believe that it is the same animal. It is, however, the case.

On the old photo, we discover a dog in extremely bad shape, severely marked by neglect. She appears very thin, with her back hunched, head bowed, haggard, dejected expression, and skin in a sorry state, most likely from the scabies.

mkedwall / Reddit

In recent photos, the transformation is incredible. The bitch is in great shape, the hair and skin in excellent health, the eyes brimming with life and joy.

mkedwall / Reddit

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mkedwall / Reddit


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