Assistance dog takes care of its owner by performing daily chores

Victim of a fall that caused him permanent after-effects, a young woman was able to regain her autonomy thanks to her dog. The latter was formed by an association to help her in various daily tasks, such as loading the washing machine or undoing her laces.

After an accident 10 years ago, Ruby , Megan Taylor’s dog, has become much more than a pet to her. She was trained to be his service dog, as The Mirror relates.

Megan Taylor , who lives in Kingston-Upon-Thames in south-west London , was 15 when she lost consciousness and suffered a brutal fall. The result was a head trauma that permanently affected his vision, hearing and balance.

Since then, the young woman has regularly suffered from fainting spells which make her daily life difficult. She couldn’t even do the simplest things without the risk of collapsing.

Ruby was already by his side long before the accident. She had decided to enroll her Border Collie / Kelpie cross dog in the program run by Dog AID , an association helping people with disabilities to train their 4-legged friends to become certified assistance dogs.

Ruby has thus learned to take the place of her mistress in carrying out a wide variety of everyday actions: picking up objects, removing her socks and shoes, undoing her laces, loading and emptying the washing machine … The dog also has and especially been trained to press an emergency button when her mistress passed out.

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However, the bitch is preparing to retire and simply become Megan Taylor’s friend again. She will soon pass the torch to Rowley , the young woman’s other dog, who has also been trained by Dog AID .


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