12 funny photos of our 4-legged friends

Dogs and cats innovate and always go one step further in the art of being wacky. These photos are proof of that.

We are used to seeing our dogs and cats put themselves in unlikely places or sleep in twisted postures. But they will always know how to push this trend even further.

Here are 12 fun photos of cats and dogs that will stop at nothing when it comes to making us smile.

2. Catching the stick is infinitely easier when you have your head upside down

3. He tries to count the number of wrinkles he has on his face

4. Bridging is this cat’s ultimate passion, especially if it’s inside the living room buffet.

5. A Sphynx cat quietly resting in its washing machine drum

6. Half sit on a chair and stand the other half

7. He would like to blend in with the city and become one with it

8. This poor dog has his face removed by the cat who does not know how to keep quiet

9. According to the statements and the assumptions of veterinary specialists, this is quite simply a dog. Ordinary, what’s more

10. Gravity no longer acts on this cat which remained suspended between the glass and the curtain

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11. He heard something he didn’t like

12. Dogs having fun with grace and lightness and who take full advantage of the good weather and nature.


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