Man rescues Labrador who found refuge in unused shed and lived on pile of rubbish

Discovered by a Greek volunteer, Luna had found refuge on a rubbish heap and looked very badly. The dog was rescued and treated. She even made friends among her fellows, also supported by her savior. It wasn’t the only good news for her.

Theoklitos Proestakis , better known as Takis , saved another precious life . This former Greek DJ, who opened a huge refuge in Ierapetra on the island of Crete, takes care of hundreds of hundreds of stray or abandoned dogs and cats.

We remember this feline he had rescued when his head was stuck in a tin can. His patience and benevolence had ended up transforming this aggressive and fearful animal into a totally appeased cat.

This time, it was a Labrador-Retriever dog left to her own devices and sick that he came to the aid. A rescue that took place last August, as we can see in the video below posted on YouTube by The Dodo .

Takis had been called by someone who had seen the canine in question lying on a pile of rubbish in an abandoned shelter .

The dog did appear to be in pain , but she wagged her tail when she saw Takis approaching. He carefully carried her and placed her in a transport crate , then took her in his car to take her to the vet .

Subsequently, the dog, which he named Luna , arrived at the Takis Shelter . At the shelter, she received a good meal , a cozy bed and a visit from some curious residents, including Terry the cat.

Over the next few days, Luna was getting better and better thanks to the care and attention of the shelter team. She played with the other dogs and regained all her energy.

The bitch was ready to start her new life, not in Greece, but in Germany. Luna has, in fact, left the country where she grew up to join her new family , reports Animal Channel .


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