To overcome loneliness, this dog has found a clone of its owner!

In Rhode Island, a family runs a shelter that takes care of elderly, dying dogs. Among all the animals, Shorty is a dog apart. He was adopted when he was still very young. Since then, he has forged a close relationship with his master. Unfortunately, the latter has to be constantly absent because of his work. His wife found a rather original solution to replace him.

No one will dare tell Shorty that he has been slightly duped. No matter. His happiness counts more than anything for the Peralta . This family, made up of Marc and his wife Kristen , runs Vintage Pet Rescue, a sort of retirement home for senior dogs located in Rhode Island . More than eleven years ago, Marc mainly acquired Shorty . This Pug, a resident of a refuge near Philadelphia , was rescued by his new owner. Since then, a fusional relationship has been created, without ever being called into question .

A shirt on a pillow? Shorty noticed the trick

And then, by dint of thinking, Kristen had a brilliant idea . That of buying a life-size mannequin in a Halloween store. Later, she recounts: “ I had put on her shirts already worn by Marc so that they had his scent. I put Shorty on the mannequin’s lap, wrapping my arms around him and he fell asleep after half an hour . This time, Shorty saw nothing but fire.

Marc jealous of the model

This model has become Shorty’s surrogate father , and not only. One of his congeners, Bug , was also seduced by this person whom they consider to be real. “ Yeah, he thinks he’s a real person. He licks her face, pulls on her hands,Kirsten reports. Since then, Shorty no longer worries about his master’s absences. A somewhat jealous Marc. Which makes the situation particularly funny, and funny for his wife. “ I told him not to worry, that he wasn’t as good-looking and smart as the model, ” she laughs.

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