20 photos of Australian shepherds prove that they are the perfect combination of “beautiful” and “kind” dogs

Australian Shepherds are some of the most beautiful dogs, but also the most intelligent. This series of photos will make you fall in love.

Australian Shepherds are wonderful companions. They are endowed with many qualities , both physical and in character. They are full of energy and perfectly suited to family life .

Here are 20 photos of Australian Shepherds that are impossible to resist.

1. A big boy but never without his cuddly toy

2. An Australian Shepherd mother who takes good care of her young

3. A beautiful dog who loves to hear compliments

4. The joys of little finds in the garden

5. A beautiful friendship between a cat and an Australian Shepherd puppy who look alike

6. Faithful companions since they were little

7. Car rides give him a feeling of freedom

8. Perfectly suited for living in a home

9. An absolutely touching look for this well-behaved puppy

10. He feels perfectly in his element

11. He loves to accompany his owner while she does her shopping.

12. Adorable little puppy

13. The determined gaze

14. Curious about nature

15. A very beautiful dog and a very beautiful portrait in the colors of autumn

16. Her sparkling eyes make her look even cuter.

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17. A happy and playful dog with a beautiful coat

18. A heavy sleeper like all his friends

19. 2 brothers who will have the chance to live together

20. He doesn’t refuse a little photo from time to time


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