The rescue of nearly 80 dogs held in an illegal kennel, without care or running water

Riverside County Animal Services / Facebook

Dozens of dogs were rescued from an improvised kennel where they lived in poor conditions. The person who detains them was squatting the premises and must undergo a psychiatric evaluation.”

authorities intervened to rescue 76 dogs that were being held illegally and in deplorable conditions in a squat in California, NBC Los Angeles reported Wednesday, August 11.

That morning, around 8 a.m. local time, orders were given to seize the canids that were on a property in Winchester, a hundred kilometers southeast of Los Angeles. It was the animal control department and the local sheriff’s office that carried out this rescue.”

According to John Welsh, spokesman for the Riverside County Animal Service, the dogs were crammed at 5 or 6 in cages. He calls the place an illegal kennel, where the quadrupeds lived in very poor conditions.”

The person who held them is a person in his fifties with a disability. He is one of the squatters occupying the land, whose owner resides in Orange County, 60 kilometers away, and has assured that he did not give them permission to stay there. Still months of keeping dogs there illegally.”

There are 5 or 6 people who live in mobile homes here without permission, says John Welsh, who adds that there is no running water. The dogs are almost all Pitbull crusaders, with the exception of a German Shepherd. They appear to have been fed, but they were probably not receiving any other form of care. In addition, they were not sufficiently protected from the heat and were surrounded by piles of rubbish.”

” Some dogs identified, the others will be proposed for adoption

The individual claims to rescue these animals, but no document attests to this. He was taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.”

Among the 76 dogs, the state of health of only one worries. The others have mostly myiases, resulting from the laying of eggs by flies on wounds. They will all be treated, after being examined at the shelter where they were transferred after their rescue.”

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The operation lasted 2 hours, the time for the responders to free the dogs, secure them and place them in trucks. Once recovered, the animals will either be offered for adoption or returned to their owners, some of which carry identification chips.”

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