A woman mobilizes to help a dog named Covid, abandoned in a pound where he risks euthanasia

In Texas, a dog named Covid was abandoned at a shelter, where more than 20% of animals are routinely euthanized. When Tebeest found out, she didn’t hesitate for a second before helping him.

The dog received a new name

Covid has been renamed Carl . When Tebeest came to pick him up, the dog kept smiling at him and giving him kisses. Her benefactor has revealed that she regularly crosses paths with abandoned dogs and cats with this special name.

Many of them were adopted during the pandemic to provide company to people forced to stay at home. But since they can return to their workplace, they have found no other solution than abandonment.

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Carl , made up of 30 kilos of muscle and above all love, is now in good hands. Tebeest , who currently has more than 120 dogs in his care, hopes to find him a loving family soon.


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