A Mastiff from Naples undergoes surgery to remove a kilo of skin affecting his vision


The excess skin on Neo’s face caused him a lot of trouble. In addition to having pain, the dog had vision problems. His owner considered surgery to relieve him.”

The Mastiff of Naples is a dog known for its imposing appearance, as well as the folds and wrinkles marking its head. This original feature unfortunately caused damage to Neo.”


An excess of skin irritated the eyes of the mastiff. According to his owner, Mark Hutchins, he was in a lot of pain and felt uncomfortable. The sagging skin around his eyes and on his eyelids prevented him from seeing properly, especially his food. This particular condition made Neo anxious; he didn’t appreciate being touched in the face.”

The sweet giant desperately needed help.”


The surgical operation changed Neo’s life

As Mark Hutchins and his relatives wanted to offer the best possible living conditions to their pet, they decided to take him to a veterinary clinic in Swindon (England). The goal was simple: to remove the overabundant skin that bothered him.”

I know it sounds a bit crazy when you talk about a dog that has undergone a facelift, but it was a very traumatic time for the family,” the Englishman told Mirror. My daughter Millie was in tears because of all this. So what would be the result? How would the dog be afterwards? So many questions leaving the family full of anguish.”


Fortunately, experts have done a remarkable job. The results were incredible and made a big difference for Neo, who recovered very well,” said Mark Hutchins. The surgery removed a kilo of skin.”

The healers kept the Naples Mastiff under observation all night, then let him go home. Today, it’s a brand new dog.”

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It really gave him a new breath and opened his eyes to the world around him, said Andrew Philipps, the surgeon. He has recovered well and his owners report that he is much happier as a result of the operation.”

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