Rescue workers rescue dog trapped in window bars after trying to escape

In a Californian garage, the owner’s dog had the unfortunate idea of trying to get out through a small window. In doing so, he found himself trapped between the metal bars. Animal service officers had to dismantle said window to free him.

A dog trapped between the bars of a window has been rescued and is doing well , but the mishap reported by United Press International would have been fine.

The incident took place this Wednesday, December 16 in Jurupa Valley , a town in Southern California. The owner of a local auto repair shop had to call Riverside County Animal Control Service to rescue his dog, who had found himself in bad shape.

The quadruped, a German Shepherd cross, had indeed tried to get out of the garage through the toilet window . The animal thought it could slip through the bars, but it eventually got stuck there . His master tried to bring him down, but he did not succeed.

A first agent, Chris Mayer , quickly arrived on the scene. He assessed the situation and reassured the canine, then was joined a few minutes later by his colleague, Sergeant Kyle Stephens . The 2 men ended up making the decision to remove the window by unscrewing it.

They then took the dog, who still had the hindquarters trapped in bars, to the nearest shelter , the Western Riverside County Animal Shelter . They thought they would find the help and the appropriate means to facilitate his rescue.

However, on the way to the animal reception facility, the dog surprised them by managing to extract himself from the metal structure.

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Finally free , he was examined by a veterinarian , who notably gave him an x-ray . Fortunately, he only suffered minor injuries .


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