2 brave rescue dogs filmed rescuing a struggling swimmer

Some animals are trained to save lives. This is the mission that the Italian School of Rescue Dogs (Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio-Tirreno – SICS) has given itself. 2 of their members recently performed a heroic deed.

Igor and Luna have a habit of going to the beach, not for fun on the hot sand, but for the purpose of fulfilling a special mission. The 2 Labradors were trained in Italy to help people in danger. It was the Italian School of Rescue Dogs that taught them the ropes.

Intelligent, courageous and enduring, dogs pay close attention to the safety of swimmers. Last weekend, they put their skills to good use when a teenage girl found herself in a frightening situation.

A video illustrates the courage of dogs

The 15-year-old was enjoying a good swim when the tragedy happened. A strong current swept her away, leaving her no possibility of reaching dry land on her own.

Seeing the struggling swimmer, Igor , Luna and their coaches jumped into action. They threw themselves into the water to extricate him from his trap, reports The Dodo .

Luna , the female Labrador with the sand coat, reached her first. Together with his human teammate, they handed him a lifeline and began the return maneuver. Meanwhile, the second team caught up with them. The teenager then clung to the powerful Igor , who accompanied her safely to the shore.

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This magnificent rescue was filmed and shared on social networks. Internet users did not fail to congratulate the brave rescuers. The video has received over 10,000 likes to date.


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