Is your dog poisoned? The following is a three-step reaction

Illustration : "Votre chien a été empoisonné ? Voici comment réagir en 3 étapes"

despite all our precautions, our dog has never been completely free from poisoning. They may ingest toxic substances (household products, dog indigestible food, etc.), or be trapped by pranksters and throw poisonous meatballs at them.


1 / 3. Observe its 2 / 3 appearance. Observe abnormal behavior 3 / 3. Maximizing the chances of success in “kdsp” care requires rapid response in any case. To do this, it is important to know how to detect specific symptoms.

here are three steps…

1 / 3. Observe its

1 appearance. Check the


inside the dog’s mouth. The dog’s gums and tongue should be light or dark pink. If blue, white, bright red or purple appears, please take him to the veterinarian.

other tests: lift the upper lip, gently press the top of the canine teeth with your thumb, and then release. After 2 seconds, the gum color must change from white to pink. If the duration exceeds 3 seconds, contact your veterinarian.

2. Check his pulse

, put your hand on the left side of his chest, behind his elbow. Calculate the number of beats in 15 seconds, and then multiply this number by 4 to determine the number of beats per minute. If more than 180, take him to the veterinarian.

3. Measure her temperature

insert a rectal thermometer to measure her temperature. If it is higher than normal (the dog’s temperature is between 38.3 ° C and 39.2 ° C), consult your veterinarian if you find any abnormalities. Fever does not necessarily mean poisoning, but it may be an indicator.

2 / 3. Observe the abnormal behavior of

1. Observe the balance of


. In most cases, poisoning will quickly affect the nervous system. Dogs may lose their balance, have difficulty walking or even standing. If you notice signs of dizziness and disorientation, call your veterinarian.

2. Vomiting and diarrhea

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vomiting and diarrhea means that the dog’s body tries to excrete foreign bodies or toxic substances. If you think the dog’s vomit and stool are unusual, take him to the vet.

3. Observe his breathing


. If your dog breathes deeply for a long time (more than 30 minutes), it may be respiratory or heart disease caused by poisoning. Please review

4 now. Pay attention to his appetite

if your dog’s appetite drops significantly or refuses to eat completely, take him to the veterinarian.

3 / 3. Maximize the chances of

nursing success 1. Take some measures to make the work of veterinarians easier. The symptoms


were recorded in writing. The observed symptoms and time of occurrence were recorded. Describe them in as much detail as possible.

at the same time, don’t give your dog anything to drink to avoid accelerating the spread of poison in the body.

2. Determine the source of


walk around the house to see if the box, jar or bottle has been overturned or torn. If you suspect a particular product, please read its label to understand its composition. Toxic products usually have a help phone number that can be dialed

Kdsps “3. Call the veterinarian or call the poison center”

“. Kdsps also read: the main emergency care of dog”

accident “Please call the toll free number of the poison center in your area. Contact your veterinarian to describe the symptoms and schedule, as described earlier. Follow the instructions he gives you, wait for him to come, or take him to his office.

4. Take him to the

veterinary clinic

. The sooner you get there, the sooner your dog will be taken care of and the greater the chance of cure

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