The distress of a volunteer who thought she had finally saved the dog she had been looking for for 2 years

Mary Oyler / Facebook

While she thought she had finally found the missing dog she had been looking for for 2 years, a volunteer became disillusioned when she discovered that someone had let the animal escape from the cage-trap where it was. Back to square one for the Texan and for the canid she is trying to save…

Mary Oyler had been waiting for this moment for 2 long years. She had finally managed to get Jack to safety, but this dog spun through her fingers because of a motorist. A story reported by KSAT this Monday, September 6.”

Mary Oyler and other volunteers had promised Richard Ewers, a resident of Bexar County, Texas, to take care of the 30 dogs he was caring for after his disappearance. The group was keen to honour its promise when the man, suffering from cancer, died. All the dogs were able to join their respective new families, with the exception of Jack, who ran away.”

Since then, Mary Oyler has devoted all her free time to looking for him. The elusive quadruped was regularly seen by witnesses, but she could not get him back. Until last Sunday (September 5).”

That day, Jack was finally safe. Or at least, that’s what she believed. The dog was in a cage-trap that Mary Oyler had set up. She quickly got there and stayed away while she called someone to arrange her transportation. A host family was even ready to host him.”

In less than a minute, he had left

While she was on the phone, a 4×4 stopped in front of the cage, obstructing her view of it. Then the vehicle left and the dog was no longer there; the cage door was open. Everything happened too fast for Mary Oyler; In less than a minute, he was gone. She says she is completely devastated.”

The motorist in question obviously did not take Jack away. He simply let him escape by opening the door of the trap cage. Maybe he thought he was doing the right one, but that wasn’t the attitude to have. The dog was also seen later that day in the vicinity.”

Mary Oyler hopes to be able to find him as soon as possible, because he is hungry and thirsty.”

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