She decides to do a DNA test to prove that her dog is not a wolf. The results leave her speechless!

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Her friends regularly pointed out to her that her dog looked more like a wolf, but Meghan didn’t pay much attention to it. Until the day she decided to use a DNA test, the results of which now force her to hide the true identity of her pet.”

Meghan, a resident of Wisconsin (Midwest of the United States), had decided to adopt a dog and fell in love with Bodhi. Happy to have found a companion, she proudly showed it to her family and friends, but her relatives repeatedly let her know that he felt like a wolf, Slate says.

Initially, the mistress of the canine did not attach much importance to these remarks, but doubt eventually settled in his mind. She then requested a DNA test. It turned out that I was wrong, she said. Bodhi is an 8% wolf.”

The proportion may seem small, but it is problematic in a state and a country where laws regarding hybrid dogs and wolves vary enormously from one municipality or county to another. Such legislation exists in 900 cities across the United States, ranging from the requirement to wear a muzzle to euthanasia.”

” Forced to hide the identity of her dog, for fear of reactions and sanctions

For example, in Madison, capital of Wisconsin, holding a hybrid is illegal and the animal is automatically seized and impounded. While in other localities in this state, there are no restrictions on this.”

Not to mention the regulations specific to residences and parks in particular. This is precisely what Meghan fears about her dog Bodhi. She also says she is afraid of people’s reactions if they learn that her 4-legged friend is partly a wolf.”

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Meghan and Bodhi’s story also leads to interest in the business of DNA testing for pets, increasingly juicy in the United States. And who says flourishing market, sometimes says drifts. We see more and more in the sector, between promises made by some companies (prediction of the character, development or abilities that the animal will have) and inaccurate results.”

That’s why a collective of veterinarians and medical professors called for curbing the pet genetics industry in 2018.”

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