She takes in a car crash survivor dog and helps him find his family

There are people who do everything to help their neighbor, especially when it comes to a dog in distress, and who expect nothing in return. Their only reward is to see the animal saved and ready to resume its life where it left off or to start a new one. These people, Kathy is one of them …

Wilkes Kathy Meyers, a member of the animal rescue group Love Me Tender Animal Rescue, was the type to drop everything when to help a dog in trouble.

So, when she noticed that an apparently wandering canine was on the side of a Tennessee freeway she was taking, she didn’t hesitate for a second to stop to inquire. of his condition. It was a female Rottweiler who looked hungry. Very quickly, Kathy understood that the dog was not stray by relying on her behavior . She took her to her home to provide her with the necessary care , while waiting to learn more about the circumstances that had brought her there.


She therefore returned to the place where she had found her, in search of clues. She did find broken glass and a piece of car taillight; obvious traces of an accident . This is where Kathy remembered that she had seen one 2 weeks before. It looked very serious , considering the condition of the vehicle, and she thought there was little chance that those affected would have survived it . However, later checking with local police, she learned that the vehicle in question was carrying an entire family and that everyone had made it out alive .

After some research, Kathy finally got the contact details for the family. Joe Kelly , his wife Michelle and their 3 children had not heard from their dog, named Ella , since the accident. It turned out that she was far from the accident site when help arrived, making it impossible to recover her. Kathy organized the reunion which was, as you can imagine, full of emotion .

Unfortunately, the significant medical costs resulting from their accident had forced the Kelly’s to move . Where they have lived since, dogs are not accepted . Nonetheless, Kathy gladly agreed to look after Ella until her owners move into another accommodation where they can keep her.

Here is the report (in English) to CBS about the story of Ella

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