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, whether to protect it or to protect itself, ensuring its animals is important and even mandatory in some cases. The owner of the dog is responsible for the damage that the dog may cause to third parties. This is the concept of civil liability applicable to pets.


the category of dogs. How does the civil liability insurance of dogs deal with accidents? How to buy dog liability insurance? Therefore, the

owner is obliged to compensate the victims in the event of an accident.

dog category

the law divides dogs into “most dangerous” and “least dangerous” categories and specifies the breeds of dogs belonging to these categories.

Owners or holders of category 1 and 2 dogs are legally obliged to take out third-party liability insurance for dogs in order to obtain a detention permit. Category 1: it involves dogs considered “more dangerous”, including attacking dogs or dogs of unknown breeds, or dogs from cross breeds of category 2 dogs. In the first category of dogs, we found those dogs without blood relationship. These dogs are similar to the breed and have no pedigree, but have similar morphological characteristics, such as

Staffordshire Terrier / Staffordshire Terrier (commonly known as Bulldog) Pitbull Tosa mastiff (boerbull)

category 2: it includes purebred dogs listed in the book of French origin, especially defensive dogs or watchdog dogs. The second category includes breed dogs:

Staffordshire Terrier Tosa Rottweiler (registered or unregistered)

has the third and last category, including dogs of other breeds not listed in Category I and category II.

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in general, third party liability insurance covers damage you may cause to others. It prevents you from paying damages for accidents and guarantees compensation to victims.

it also involves pets. Your four legged friend may have a good temper and the best education, but he may have made mistakes and you are still responsible for what he did before the law. If your dog causes any damage, you can use your third-party liability insurance to make up for the damage.

law requires owners of category 1 and 2 dogs to purchase third-party liability insurance for dogs. The third kind of animals do not need insurance, but it is still recommended to insure dogs. How to deal with the accident of


if your dog causes physical, mental or economic harm to others, you must notify your insurance company, which will send a questionnaire to the victim. The victim will determine the extent of the injury by providing a medical certificate. The expert doctor will examine the damage and assess the amount payable. However, if the victim files a complaint, you may be fined. If it is a bite, the accident must be reported to the city hall and followed up with the veterinarian to ensure that the animal is not injuredRabies. How does

buy dog liability insurance? Contact animal health insurance

in addition to reimbursement of your veterinary expenses, some animal health insurance also provide third-party liability options for all categories of dogs.

can use your family insurance

in addition to your family insurance contract, Some insurance companies bear civil liability for so-called “dangerous” dogs. However, the latter rarely covers category 1 dogs. It is recommended that you specify the breed and category of your dog before passing through the insurance company.

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