10 dogs who love to roll around in freshly mown grass

Running in the green grass is a hobby. Running through freshly mown grass is another. These photos illustrate the dogs devoting themselves to this second hobby.

The dogs each have a different coat. Some have a light coat, others have dark or spotted hair. However, there are dogs capable of dyeing green. They have the art of watching for the moment when their owner has finished mowing the lawn , to go out and lounging there at will. This explains the green tones that we can see on our dog friends.

Here are 10 photos of dogs who rolled around in the freshly mown grass .

1. This dog spotted the pile of cut grass and dived with his 4 paws

2. A Golden Retriever delighted with his activity of the day. He even kept a blade of grass on his muzzle

3. Completely transformed with this green which does not suit him too badly, but it will still make a jump in the bath

4. This dog doesn’t care about his white coat

5. He walked around in the garden, rolled around in the grass and came back to sit quietly at home.

6. This dog claims, however, that he has not left his house and that he has not put his paws outside. As for the green that covers it, it does not have the slightest explanation

7. A Corgi puppy who has decided to add a few more colors to his palette

8. This dog seems to have plunged head first into the pile of cut grass.

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9. While one loves to roll around in the freshly cut grass, the other is not at all interested.

10. He tries to make his owner believe that he has not started rolling again in the cut grass.


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