Abandoned in a cardboard box by the side of the road, this puppy owes his life to the neighborhood security cameras!

Upon discovering that a cardboard box had just been dropped off not far from her house, Shannon did not expect to find an abandoned and sick young dog there. His surveillance camera had filmed everything.

A man went to a parking lot and left a cardboard box there , before leaving the scene. A seemingly banal scene, filmed by the video surveillance device of a woman named Shannon . Driven by curiosity, the latter came out to see what was in the package. She discovered there a Pitbull puppy in bad shape. Its owner had just abandoned it altogether, reports Animal Channel .

The young canine was in desperate need of help. Extremely thin , he also suffered from a severe form of scabies . Without wasting time, Shannon , who has 3 dogs of her own , took the animal to the vet so that he could receive the necessary treatments.

In a few weeks, his state of health improved a lot. His skin was healing and he was gaining weight , as his attitude changed. Jiminy Cricket started playing with his peers, as well as with Shannon’s children .

The deal was so good to see that she decided to adopt it for good. “ The boys and I couldn’t imagine our life without Jiminy Cricket, ” she actually said.

Here is his story in video :

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