15 photos showcasing the beauty of black cats

Black cats have a special place in our hearts. These photos illustrate their charm.

Black cats are viewed differently in different cultures. While some see them as bad luck, others see them as auspicious. Either way, their black coat gives them a clean charm and they make their owners happy.

Here are 15 pictures of black cats in all their forms.

1. Life in a gang when you’re a trio of black cats is surely not trivial

2. With canines like these, we have the right to suspect a relationship with the creatures of the night.

3. Some black cats have very particular physical characteristics which add to their mystery

4. Gluttony is no stranger to the brotherhood of black cats

5. This black cat loves to be read to him

6. This cat sits directly on the computer keyboard while his owner is working and expresses his fatigue for him.

7. A black cat making the jump between universes to get to his planet

8. They’re not against hugs

9. Black cats see no difference between themselves and pumas, yet they are much more playful than wild cats.

10. A black cat pretending to be a great theater actor

11. Cats don’t stop at appearances

12. Like all cats, black cats love to look out the window.

13. The joys of sunny days to frolic in the grass

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14. A black cat lying on a white blanket

15. The different personalities of the black cat


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